2024 Scholarship

2024 Scholarship Application

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AACE North Florida Section, Inc. is grateful to all the board members serving faithfully at the section. Also, thanks to all the great speakers who have share their time and insightful presentation this year.  

Left to Right, John Philbrick, PE CCP PMP, Eric Cannon, PSP, Bill Sheerin, CCP, Hetali Doshi, John Orr, PSP FAACE, Donna Hernandez, PSP, Alejandro Torres, PSP. Not present Charlie Heckman, PE CFCC, Rey Diaz, PE, Marlene Hyde, CCP EVP FAACE, Fernando Villanueva, PMP and Teja Pulla, CCP, CEP, PSP, DCCA, LEED AP® BDC. 

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