2024 Scholarship

2024 Scholarship Application

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Meeting Summary


 Thursday, October 13th, 2022


 6:30 p.m. Virtual Networking
 6:45 p.m. Business Mtg/Announcements
 7:00 p.m. Technical Presentation

Please Note:  This is a Live Webinar Technical Presentation


 MS Teams Virtual Meeting


 Implementing Qualitative Project Risk Management


 Jessica M. Colbert, PRMP PSP – Director of Project Risk at Allan Myers

 Kim Forbes, PSP – Service Executive at MBP


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Technical Program:

Implementing Qualitative Project Risk Management

Abstract: Everyone can remember that one perfect, flawless project, right? No? Neither can the authors. Projects are messy and challenging, full of risks that threaten its schedule and budget. Risk management is a critical component to project success, yet so many project teams and organizations fail to put it into practice. If an organization has no formal risk program or is early in its implementation, project risk management can be inconsistent and often ineffective. This paper explores various strategies to implement qualitative risk management on any project, discover how qualitative risk management can be injected into typical project processes without consuming significant resources or budget and develop strategies for continued use throughout the project life cycle and for historical management. These project-level implementation strategies can later evolve to quantitative risk management at the project level and formal enterprise level programs. Finally, the authors discuss common hurdles project teams experience with risk management implementation and solutions to prevent or overcome these challenges.



Jessica M. Colbert, PRMP PSP

Jessica has been a member of AACE since 2013 and very active in the Planning & Scheduling Technical Subcommittee, as both chair and RP coordinator. She is now a full member of the Technical Board. She was instrumental in performing a very detailed gap analysis between planning & scheduling related recommended practices and the TCM Framework. For this gap analysis, Jessica developed a procedure and gathered volunteers to review all existing RPs related to scheduling. This process and worksheets have been adopted by the Technical Board and presented to other technical subcommittees. She is a presenter/author of technical papers at the Conference & Expo and has been published in Cost Engineering journal. She has previously been recognized by AACE with the TCM Excellence Award (2020). Jessica is the Director of Project Risk at Allan Myers. 



Kim Forbes, PSP 

Kim has been a member of AACE since 2011 and active throughout the organization. She currently serves as a member of the Certification Board and on the Membership Advisory Committee. She is a presenter/author of technical papers at the Conference & Expo and active contributor to Recommended Practices, Communities, and Sources Magazine Certification New articles. She has been recognized by AACE with the Outstanding Woman Award and featured in the Source Magazine Women in Project Controls profile. She is past president of the Central Virginia Section receiving numerous section awards. Kim is a Service Executive at MBP.


RSVPs must be received on or before 5pm on Wednesday, 12-October-2022.  Your friends and colleagues are always welcome; membership in AACE is not required. In the event that you must cancel your reservation, please inform us at least 24 hours before the meeting.

Click here to RSVP before end of business day Wednesday, 10/12/2022.

Please register by Wednesday 10/12/2022, and an invitation including the Webinar link will be e-mailed to you.  For AACE members who hold professional certifications, Webinar attendance counts toward renewal points as long as online attendance for the entire presentation is verified.

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