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Introducing the New Source Magazine

by Marvin Gelhausen | Jan 31, 2021

SourceSiteBanner_mediumWelcome to the February 2021 Source magazine in its new online format. Initially on February 1, the only posted content is the President’s Message, a bonus technical article, and three “In Memoriams.”

What has happened to all the remaining content that makes up a full bi-monthly issue of Source magazine? It will still be posted, but rather than all being available on the first day of the issue month, new content will be added throughout the month. I encourage you to log on at least weekly and watch the traditional issue of the past be built throughout the month.

Why will this new construction be better than simply posting a full issue as a pdf on the first day of the issue month? Once you see and experience several issues of the new format, the value of the new style will become evident. After a few months, what you will first see is the most recently posted new content. Then, as you scroll down the page, you will see all the prior posts of each featured item. If the President references something from a prior message, you will not have to go search prior issues to find it. You can just scroll down on the President’s Message page and there it will be.

This will be true for all the regular content items. You can read the most recent bonus technical article and scan the prior posts from this year. You can read current and prior Certification News posts, the Technical Board posts, the Rising Professional and Women in Project Control posts.

Sections should really appreciate the new Bulletin/Section News as we get up and running, when you submit reports about your section meeting, you will not have to wait a month or two to see it posted. Instead, within days of submitting section news items, the plan is to post these once they are edited and placed for viewing.

You will also see some new features. Readers will be able to post comments on the content, rank articles you really like, share content with others. You the reader will have access to basically an interactive version of Source magazine.

The change is made to keep AACE International current with the trend that many other association magazines are adopting. The feedback and metrics of the new version will allow headquarters to see which pages and which articles are most popular with you the reader. This will assist us as we expand content, we will be able to bring you more of what your usage shows to be the most popular items. It will allow us to tweak other items that you need to know about, so that they catch your attention and keep you informed about your AACE.

 Visit the new Source here! I hope you like its new look and I ask you to keep checking back throughout the month as more content is added and by the end of the month, —the traditional full issue will have been posted. It will build from there and our goal is to provide you with an association magazine that you look forward to reading, that has content you are interested in, and that allows you to provide direct feedback to us and the other readers. Check it out and let me know what you think of the new format. A new year, 2021, brings you a fresh new Source magazine. It is your magazine, enjoy experiencing and reading it today and throughout the back. Share with us any ideas you have on what we can do to continue improving Source magazine.

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